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Events of 2015

10th Apr 2015: NAC-CISS 2015 -- The 5th National Conf. on Computational Intelligence, Security & Systems. -- Supported by IEEE Madras Section, IEEE CS Madars, CSI & ICTACT. Website

4th Apr 2015: RSSDA-2015 - Research Scholar's Symposium on Data Analytics at SSN College of Engineering, Chennai. -- Supported by IEEE CS Madars & CSI Chennai. Brochure

30th Mar 2015: Presentation on “Computers in Healthcare” by Mr. Dr. G.S. Bhuvaneshwar, Director, Innovations and Research, Trivitron Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, IITM Research Park, Chennai. Invite

30th Mar 2015: Felicitation and prize distribution to the winners of the Student Essay Contest by Mr. S. Mahalingam, Past President, CSI, Director and Former Executive Vice President & CFO, TCS. Invite

21st Mar 2015: NCIT-2K15: National Conference on Information Technology at SSN College of Engg., Chennai -- Supported by IEEE CS Madars & CSI Chennai. Brochure

20th Mar 2015: Webinar on "Ten Steps to Prepare for your Dream Job” by Mr. Gopalaswamy Ramesh, Author, Consultant and Guest Faculty, IIT Madras. Invite

20th Mar 2015: Lecture on "Reimagining and Transforming of Cities, Governments and Lives with Cyber Security & the Internet of Things" by Mr. David F. Heyman, Former Assistant Secretary of Policy, US Department of Homeland Security. Invite

17th Mar 2015: Presentation on "How to make most out of the IEEE Xplore Digital Library" by Mr. Dhanu Pattanashetti, IEEE Client Services / University Partnership Program Manager, IEEE. Invite

6th Mar 2015: Presentation on "Sexual Harassment Act @ Workplace" by Ms. Mahalakshmi Ravisankar, Legal Counsel & Company Secretary, Mumbai. Invite

28th Feb 2015: Launch of the book "From College to Career" & Presentation on "College to Career – Crossing the Chasm" by Mr. Gopalaswamy Ramesh, Author, Consultant and Guest Faculty, IIT Madras. Invite

24th Feb 2015: Presentation on "Digital Future, Innovation and Build India Campaign" by Dr. Prof. K. Subramanian, Founder Director, Advanced Center for Informatics and Innovative Learning, IGNOU & Former Sr. DDG, NIC, Ministry of Communication & IT & IT Adviser to CAG of India. Invite

10th Feb 2015: Presentation on "Reinventing Education" by Dr. Anant Agarwal, Professor, EE & CS, MIT, USA and President & CEO, edX. Invite

6th Feb 2015: Presentation on "Intelligent Transport Systems" by Dr. Lelitha Devi Vanajakshi, Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras. Invite

31st Jan 2015: CSI Research Symposim. Supported by IEEE CS & PCS Announcement

7th Jan 2015: Presentation on "Vedic Self-Management" by Dr. S. Kannan, Senior Consulant, Tata Consultance Services, Chennai. Invite

Special Programmes

Dec 2014 / Jan 2015: Student Essay Contest: Harnessing the Power of ICT for our New Initiatives. Announcement .... Contest Results

Dec 2014 / Jan 2015: IEEE CS Distinguished Visitor & Lecture Program in Dec 2014 / Jan 2015: By Dr. K Subramanian (Dr KS), Distinguished Visitor of IEEE Computer Society, Sr Member of CSI & Founder Director and Professor of Advanced Center for Informatics and Innovative Learning at IGNOU, Former Sr DDG (NIC), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Information Technology and Former Adviser to CAG of India. Announcement

Nov 2014 / Feb 2015: IEEE CS/ACM Distinguished Speaker/Visitor Program in Computer Science: By Dr. San Murugesan, Distinguished Visitor of IEEE Computer Society & Director, BRITE Professional Resources & Adjunct Professor, University of Western Sydney, Sydney, Australia Announcement

Nov / Dec 2014: IEEE CS Distinguished Visitor & Lecture Programme in Nov / Dec 2014: By Dr. Lakshmi Narasimhan, Senior Vice-President, Srikar & Associates International, USA Announcement

Events of 2014

29-30, Dec 2014: Faculty Development Programme on "Big Data Analytics with Hadoop". Announcement

15-16, Dec 2014: CONNECT-2014: The Annual Conference cum Exposition on Information and Communication Technology focusing on Tamil Nadu’s growth in ICT Sector. Announcement

2nd Dec 2014: Programme on Mobile Security. Announcement

21st Nov 2014: One Day Professional Development Programme on Iternet of Things (IoT). Brochure

20th Nov 2014: Talk on "Master Minds of IT and What We Can Learn from Them" by Dr. San Murugesan, Editor-in-Chief, IEEE IT Professional; Editor, IEEE Computer, Director, BRITE Professional Services Adjunct Professor, University of Western Sydney, Australia. Invite

12th Nov 2014: Talk on "Trends in Big Data Analytics" by Dr. David Chaiken, Chief Technology Officer Altiscale Inc. Palo Alto, California, USA. Invite

27th Sep 2014: Talk on “ETL Tool DataStage” by Mr. Raja Sivanandam, Assistant Technical Lead, Renault Nissan Technology Business Centre India

20th Sep 2014: Presentation on “Introduction To Quantum Computing And Its Potentials” by Dr.. Prof. Sibasish Ghosh, Reader-F, Department of Theoretical Physics, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

23rd Aug 2014: Presentation on “Cyber-Security 2014 Challenges” by Dr. Gabi Siboni, Director at The Institute for National Security Studies, Tel Aviv University, Israel

19th Aug 2014: Presentation on “Secured Governance for Techno-Economic Growth” by Dr. P. Sekhar, Chairman, MicroTech Global Foundation, Mumbai & Advisory Board member of Cyber Security & Privacy Foundation (CSPF), Chennai

28th July 2014: Presentation on “Introduction to Software Defined Networking” - Meeting the requirements for Next generation Data center networks” by Mr. Shivakumar Sundaram, Engineering Technologist, Dell Networking, Chennai

26th Jul 2014: Half day workshop on “Statement of Purpose (SoP) for admission to Universities abroad” Brochure

23rd Jul 2014: Half day workshop on “Cross Border Cyber Crime & Security” Brochure

28th Jun 2014: Presentation on “Games, Puzzles and Computer Science” by Dr. Prof. Venkatesh Raman, Theoretical Computer Science Unit, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai.

8-9, May 2014: ICASG 2014: International Conference on Architecture Software systems and Green computing 2014. Conf. Brochure

5-6, May 2014: ICSECSRE 2014: 1st International Conference on Signal Processing, Embedded Systems, Communication Technologies and their applications for Sustainable & Renewable Energy. Conf. Brochure

5th May 2014: Lecture session on "Cell phone nation: How mobile phones changed India" by Dr. Robin Jeffrey, Visiting Research Professor, Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore Author of the Book-“Cell Phone Nation”. Dr. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Prof., Dept of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras has consented to chair the lecture session Invite

3rd May 2014: Workshop on Avoiding the Risks of Plagiarism in Research Publication. Brochure

17th Apr 2014: Panel Discussion on "Export of IT and ITES - Opportunities & Challenges". MODERATOR: Mr. S. Mahalingam, Director, Former Executive Vice President & CFO, TCS and Fellow & Former President, Computer Society of India.
PANELISTS: Mr. K. Purushothaman, Regional Directo, NASSCOM – Tamil Nadu & Kerala
Mr. K. Senthil Nayagam, Senior Vice President, Hexaware Technologies Limited
Mr. James Golsen, Principal Commercial Officer, US Consulate, Chennai
Mr. K. Vaitheeswaran, Advocate & Tax Consultant
Mr. S. Srikanth, Chartered Accountant, M/s. Karpagam & Co

12th Apr 2014: Open session on Saluting the Pioneers and a presentation on "Questions Turing Left Behind" by Prof. Barry S Coope, School of Mathematics, University of Leeds, UK. Invite

3rd Apr 2014: Presentation on "Trillion Dollar by 2025 - North Star for Indian IT" by Mr. S. R. Ramaswami, Growth with Governance Advisor, Former President & Partner, Polaris Financial Technology, Chennai. Invite

26th Mar 2014: Presentation on "Cybernetics of De-Schooled Learning" by Dr. T.V. Gopal, Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai - 600025. Invite

19th Mar 2014: Presentation on "Big Data Problems in Social Media Analytics" by Dr. R. Chandramouli (Mouli), Information Networks and Security (iNFINITY) Lab, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, USA. Invite

10th Mar 2014: Presentation on "Vedic Mathematics in Engineering Applications" by Mr. V. J. K. Kishore Sonti, Asst. Professor, Sathyabama University, Chennai. Invite

19th Feb 2014: Presentation on "Big Data Mining" by Dr. Archana Ramesh Data Scientist, nPario Inc, USA. Invite

3rd Feb 2014: Presentation on "Rural Upward Mobility: Ultimate Android Solutions for Social Impact" by Mr. R. Sampath,CEO & MD, BeWo Technologies, Chennai. Invite

7th Jan 2014: Distinguished Lecture on "Technologies for catapulting Tamil to the digital forefront” By Dr. A. G. Ramakrishnan, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Invite

6th Jan 2014: Presentation on “Securing the Unsecured in Cyber Space" by Prof. K. Subramanian, Vice Chair, IEEE Computer, Education Society Delhi Section, Chair, Technology Management Council, IEEE Delhi, Former IT Adviser to CAG of India & Former Dy. Director General (NIC), Min of C & IT. Invite .. Presentation

Events of 2013

23rd Dec 2013: Distinguished Lecture on “How Internet of Things (IoT) Will Transform Everything Creating a Smarter World” by Dr. San Murugesan, Distinguished Speaker, IEEE Computer Society, Editor-in-Chief, IEEE IT Professional, Director, BRITE Professional Services & Adjunct Professor, University of Western Sydney, Australia. Invite

23rd Dec 2013: Prof. T. R. Natesan Endowment Lecture by Prof. Dr. S. Sadagopan PhD, Director, IIIT, Bangalore on “How Relevant is OR Today?”. Invite

20th Dec 2013: “Hype Vs Reality – Deconstructing the top two trends in Higher Education – MOOCs and Personal Devices”. . Invite

16-18 Dec 2013: ICSISPD 2013 - International Conference on Sustainable Innovation and Successful Product Development for a Turbulent Global Market 2013. Invite

29th Nov 2013: International Computer Security Day. Invite

29th Nov 2013: Presentation on "TECHNOLOGY CRIMES – foundations and frontiers' by Prof Thilagaraj, HOD - Criminology, University of Madras & Dr. K. Rama Subramaniam, CEO, Valiant Technologies Group. Invite

21st Nov 2013: Lecture Presentation by Mr. LARRY CLINTON on "EMERGING CYBER THREATS & HOW TO ADDRESS THEM". Invite

9th Oct 2013: Presentation on "Designing API" by Mr. Siddarth Chandrasekaran, Software Engineer, STRIPE, USA. Invite

6th Oct 2013: All India IEEE Computer SOciety Student Congress on "Advanced Computing for Sustainable Future" Programme

20th Sep 2013: Presentation on "Impact of Mobility in IT Industry" by Mr. S. Manikandan, Consultant – Mobility Solutions, Target Soft Systems, Chennai. Invite

13th Aug 2013: Presentation on "Long Tail Opportunities – Emerging Trends" by Mr. Ravi Condamoor, CEO, NehaNet Corporation, USA. Invite

11th Jul 2013: Presentation on "HIPAA Compliance" by Mr. Ali Pabrai, World's Leading HIPAA Expert and CEO, ecfirst Inc., USA. Invite

10th Jun 2013: Presentation on "Leadership – The Digital View" by Mr. N. Shiv Shankar, Freelance Consultant and Former Development Centre Head, Infosys, Chennai. Invite

15th May 2013: Presentation on "Linked In: Enhance Your Social Media Presence And Get Found For Your Needs" by Mr. Raghunath Ramaswamy, Founder & CEO, Spectrum Consulting, Chennai. Invite

29th Apr 2013: Presentation cum demo on "Exploring Google Apps" by Mr. Dwarakanath Cheyyur, Director - Implementation & Training CloudReign Technologies, Chennai. Invite

26-27 Apr 2013: NCISE-2013: National Conference on Information and Software Engineering at Chennai. (Reseschduled From 22-23 Mar 2013) Details

4th Apr 2013: Workshop on Mobile Cloud Computing at Velammal Engineering College, Chennai. More Info

3rd Apr 2013: NCVESCOM-2013: National Conference on VLSI, Embedded Systems, SIgnal processing and Communication Technologies at Chennai. More Info

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